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Sunscreen & Vitamin D Update

Regular SPF30+ sunscreen application used on a daily basis has been proven to reduce damage to the DNA within your skin.  It is this damage that causes the visible signs of ageing and also directly increases your risk of both melanoma and non melanoma skin cancer.

It has also been proven that regular sunscreen use does not affect your natural Vitamin D levels. Our skin is very efficient at absorbing Vitamin D and only short periods of five minutes or so in the sun each week, is all that is required to keep your Vitamin D levels satisfactory for optimal bone health.

Early detection gives the best chance for successful treatment and spring is a good time to have your skin checked for moles, blemishes and changes that may be potentially cancerous.

We have accredited skin cancer doctors available for skin cancer checks:

Dr Andrew McLeod

Dr Julian Pettit

Dr Mark Feeney

Dr Michele Wills

For more information refer to our Wanaka Skin Cancer Clinic and Skin Treatment Clinic services and book your appointment now.

Prevention is the best protection so remember,


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